Attract More Occupants And Venue Bookings With Interactive 360 Virtual Tours

An Immersive and Interactive 360˚ Virtual Tour is an experience unlike any other. Experience fully immersive panoramic viewing, enhancing any website and more crucially, providing potential clients with a much clearer and more thorough impression of a specific Venue or Space.
Additionally, it is has been proven that the time spent viewing a web page can be exceedingly increased by featuring an interactive element such as a fully immersive 360˚ Virtual Tour.
Generally speaking, the Interactive HD 360˚ Virtual Tour is displayed dynamically in a screen, be it a tablet, smartphone or desktop.
Furthermore, the 360˚ Virtual Tour panoramic shots are viewed in 360˚ both vertical and panning horizontal which can be displayed full screen in all its true form at the click of a button.
To take things a bit further, the Interactive HD 360˚ Virtual Tour and the browsing window is often custom branded, which adds personalization and interaction to a static website.
These focal points (hotspots) – are all linked together effortlessly to aid in enhancing the visualization of your venue.

Benefits Of 360˚ Virtual Tours For Hotels and Venues

Custom buttons within the Fully Immersive 360˚ Virtual Tour can link any form of media that goes together with the feel and look of your hotel’s branding collateral.
In addition, Interactive 360˚ Virtual Tour custom pop-up windows can aid in showcasing your:
  • Your floor plans

  • Hot spots

  • Social media icons

  • Rates

  • Availability

…and much more.
To further strengthen the fully Immersive experience, a 360˚ Virtual Tour gallery slideshow can aid in highlighting the various rooms that don’t require a full panoramic shot to be displayed.
Moreover, you can also link your high quality, high resolution 360˚ Virtual Tour to your social media pages to increase your exposure and web presence. Source: Virtual360i

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