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Here at Virtualeyes, we will virtualize your space in a completely immersive 360° virtual tour like no other. Unlike regular 360° tours, our 3D showcases offer real world dimensions, easy sharing via URL, highlight key features within your space and is virtual reality ready. 

The Benefits of a Matterport 3D 360 Virtual Tours for Schools, Nurseries and Universities:

A Matterport 360 3D virtual tour will help viewers to familiarize with the campus before arriving.

Parents will have access to the virtual tours created by your institute at the time of decision making. A lot of factors go into play while making that final decision and the great facilities that you have may help you close the deal. Beyond that, your website viewers will have the opportunity to view the tour before arriving to the school, nursery or campus. This would cut down the time to explain more about your facilities as they would have already seen the space before arriving. ​Parents from outside the region greatly benefit by viewing your school through our Matterport 3D tours as it gives them some sense of confidence in your schools campus facilities.

A Matterport 3D 360 virtual tour allows you to highlight your campus' unique facilities. 


Facilities such as a state of the art computer lab, olympic size swimming pool, tech filled classes or even a safe playground can be highlighted through interactive 3D virtual tours. You can leave tags on specific hotspots within the tour that allow parents to learn more about the space as compared to a 2D photograph. These interactive Mattertags allow the parents or students to actively interact with the space and learn more about the unique offering on campus.

A Matterport 3D 360 virtual tour is more powerful than a 2D photograph.



Without a shadow of a doubt, we can vouch that a virtual tour created by us using Matterport 3D services if far more superior than a traditional 2D photograph in the right context. A virtual tour can be viewed passively or actively by the viewer as compared to a 2D photograph. Within a 3D virtual tour, the viewer can move around freely and holds their attention longer when compared to a 2D photograph of a selective place. This engages the viewer a lot more and helps them retain the imagery of your campus as opposed to a campus that does not use a virtual tour. The right combination would involve the use of 2D photography along with text and videos tagged within a 3D virtual tour. This would allow the viewer to find all your collaterals in one place!

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