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Comprehensive Guide: Matterport vs. Real See and Other Virtual Tour Competitors


In the dynamic world of virtual tours, technology plays a pivotal role in defining the quality and effectiveness of the digital representations of physical spaces. Matterport and Real See are leading this space with their advanced features and capabilities. This blog post delves deep into comparing Matterport with Real See, discusses other competitors in the market, and reveals how VirtualEyes strategically employs Matterport Pro 2 and is considering Galois for certain projects.


Matterport vs. Real See: Feature Comparison

1. Imaging Quality:

   - Matterport: Known for its high-resolution 3D scans and 4K HDR photography, Matterport excels in creating detailed and realistic virtual environments. It is particularly favored for its color accuracy and textural details.

   - Real See: While also delivering high-quality images, Real See emphasizes precision and accuracy, particularly in architectural and structural details, making it suitable for engineering and construction applications.


2. Ease of Use:

   - Matterport: Offers a user-friendly interface with simple operation steps, making it accessible even to those with minimal technical expertise. Its cloud-based software allows for easy editing and sharing.

   - Real See: Features a more robust interface that caters to professional users who require advanced customization and control over their virtual tours.


3. Technological Innovations:

   - Matterport: Integrates AI-powered tools to automatically generate floor plans and "dollhouse" views, enhancing the user’s ability to get a comprehensive view of the space.

   - Real See: Utilizes advanced laser scanning technology to ensure the utmost accuracy in spatial dimensions, appealing to a niche market that values technical precision.


Exploring Other Competitors

Several other technologies compete in the virtual tour space, each with unique offerings:

- Galois: Known for its scalable solutions, Galois is suitable for large-scale projects requiring integration with other digital ecosystems.

- Zillow 3D Home: An accessible option for real estate agents looking to create simple yet effective home tours.

- Leica BLK360: A high-end laser scanning technology favored by professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction for its extreme accuracy and detail.


VirtualEyes’ Strategic Use of Matterport Pro 2

VirtualEyes has successfully integrated Matterport Pro 2 into its workflow, leveraging its high-resolution imaging and user-friendly interface to serve real estate and hospitality industries effectively. The Matterport Pro 2’s ability to quickly capture and process spaces makes it an invaluable tool for creating engaging and immersive virtual tours that are easily shared and viewed across multiple platforms.


VirtualEyes’ Interest in Galois

Given the diverse needs of their clientele, VirtualEyes is also exploring Galois for projects that require scalable solutions and deeper integration capabilities. Galois's robust feature set may offer advantages in projects where customization and integration with larger digital infrastructures are necessary. The decision to use Galois will depend on project-specific requirements and the technological benefits it offers over other platforms.



The virtual tour technology market is rich with options, each catering to different aspects of digital representation—from basic real estate showings to detailed architectural and engineering presentations. For businesses like VirtualEyes, choosing the right technology—whether it’s the widely used Matterport Pro 2 or the technically advanced Galois—depends on the project's specific needs and the desired outcomes of their virtual tours.

Are you looking to create a virtual tour but unsure which technology suits your needs? Contact VirtualEyes today to discuss how we can help you select the right tool for your project, ensuring high-quality results that are tailored to your specific requirements.



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