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Real See vs. Matterport: A Comprehensive Comparison of VR Tour Technologies


Virtual reality (VR) tours have revolutionized the way we view spaces remotely, whether for real estate, educational purposes, or virtual tourism. Among the leading technologies in this field are Real See and Matterport, each offering unique features and experiences. This blog post delves into the specifics of how Real See’s VR tours compare to Matterport 3D tours, focusing on their technological differences, user experiences, and accessibility.


Technological Differences

1. Imaging Technology: Real See typically utilizes advanced laser scanning technology that captures fine details of a space to create highly accurate VR representations. In contrast, Matterport combines infrared scanning with photographic data, resulting in detailed 3D models but with a slightly different focus on texture and color accuracy.


2. Software Integration: Matterport offers extensive integration with various platforms, including extensive support for embedding its tours in websites and social media. Real See might focus more on bespoke solutions, offering customizations that are suited for specific client needs which might not be as broadly integrative.


3. Device Compatibility: Matterport tours are widely compatible across different devices and require no special hardware, making them accessible via smartphones, tablets, and computers. Real See's solutions may require more specialized VR hardware to experience fully immersive tours, targeting a slightly different end user.


User Experience

- Navigation and Interface: Matterport is known for its user-friendly interface, with easy navigation tools that allow users to move through virtual spaces intuitively. Real See might offer a more immersive experience with options for virtual reality headsets, providing a deeper sense of presence.


- Realism and Detail: While both platforms provide high-quality visual details, Real See’s use of laser technology might give it an edge in architectural and structural accuracy, which can be crucial for certain applications like historical preservation or detailed architectural reviews.


- Interactive Features: Both platforms offer interactive features such as the ability to add notes, links, and multimedia elements within the tour. However, the specifics of these features can vary, with each platform possibly offering unique tools that enhance how information is shared and consumed within the tour.



- Ease of Use: Matterport scores highly on ease of use, with minimal training required to navigate its interfaces. Real See’s more immersive approach might necessitate a steeper learning curve or more familiarity with VR technologies.


- Cost Effectiveness: Matterport's pricing is generally transparent, with various subscription plans that cater to different needs, making it accessible for small to large businesses. Real See might offer more tailored solutions which could be more cost-intensive, focusing on clients needing specific, high-detail visualizations.


- Availability: Both platforms are widely available, but Matterport’s established market presence gives it broader geographical accessibility and a more robust support network globally compared to newer entrants like Real See.



Both Real See and Matterport offer compelling VR tour technologies, each with its strengths and areas of specialization. Your choice between Real See and Matterport will depend on specific needs such as the level of detail required, the intended use of the VR tour, budget constraints, and the desired level of immersion. As VR technology continues to evolve, both platforms are likely to expand their capabilities, further enhancing how we experience virtual spaces.


Are you considering a VR tour solution for your business or project? Contact us to discuss which platform may be best suited to your needs, and stay tuned to our blog for more updates and insights into the latest in VR technology.



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