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Reality Capture: A Game Changer for Asset Managers

In the modern era, asset management has transformed from a traditional, hands-on practice to one highly driven by technology. As the industry constantly seeks more efficient methods of operation, 'reality capture' has emerged as a revolutionary concept. But what exactly is it, and why should asset managers care? This piece delves deep into the intricacies of reality capture, based on insights from Matterport, a leader in this domain.

1. Understanding Reality Capture

Reality capture refers to technology that digitally captures the physical environment of an asset in detail. This can be through 3D scanning, photography, or other methods. The result? A comprehensive, accurate digital representation – often referred to as a 'digital twin.'

2. Advantages Over Traditional Methods

Asset managers have traditionally relied on 2D blueprints, photos, and manual measurements. However, reality capture, as highlighted by Matterport, offers:

  • Accuracy: Digital twins derived from reality capture boast impressive precision.

  • Efficiency: Reduce the need for repetitive site visits with a detailed digital overview available at your fingertips.

  • Collaboration: Shared digital models facilitate more effective collaboration between teams.

3. Streamlined Workflows with Digital Twins

From facility maintenance to planning renovations, the applications of reality capture in asset management are abundant. Digital twins offer a central repository of information, allowing asset managers to:

  • Visualize the entirety of a space

  • Document changes over time

  • Collaborate in real-time with teams

  • Plan maintenance tasks more effectively

4. A Tool for Every Asset Type

Regardless of the type of asset – be it commercial spaces, infrastructure, or residential properties – reality capture has a role to play. Matterport emphasizes its versatility, revealing its relevance in sectors like real estate, construction, insurance, and even travel and hospitality.

5. Accessibility is Key

Reality capture technology, contrary to what some may believe, is highly accessible. Platforms like Matterport have made it user-friendly, ensuring asset managers don't need an extensive tech background. Plus, with a growing ecosystem of compatible tools and software, integration into existing workflows is seamless.


The digital era in asset management is well and truly here. With the power of reality capture, asset managers can not only improve the efficiency of their operations but also the accuracy and depth of their asset insights. It's clear that as the industry evolves, embracing technology like reality capture won't just be a choice but a necessity.


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