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Emaar Virtual Tours Partnership

Virtualeyes is an official Matterport service provider that specializes in creating high-quality virtual tours for a variety of industries and applications. In this case study, we'll take a look at how Virtualeyes helped Dubai's leading developer, Emaar, with their virtual tour needs.

Emaar is a leading developer in Dubai, known for creating iconic landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, and the Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping and entertainment destination. With a reputation for innovation and excellence, Emaar was looking for a partner that could help them create virtual tours that reflected the high standards of their brand.

That's where Virtualeyes came in. As an official Matterport service provider, Virtualeyes has access to the latest technology and training from Matterport, the leading provider of 3D virtual tour technology. This enabled them to create virtual tours that were not only visually stunning, but also highly interactive and immersive.

The process started with an on-site visit to one of Emaar's properties, where Virtualeyes used a specialized camera to capture high-resolution images and data of the space. This data was then processed and used to create a 3D model of the property, which served as the foundation for the virtual tour. Once the 3D model was complete, Virtualeyes worked with Emaar to customize and enhance the tour to meet their specific needs and goals. This included adding interactive features such as virtual hotspots, audio narration, and branded graphics. They also created custom virtual tours for specific industries, such as real estate and hospitality.

The end result was a series of high-quality virtual tours that provided a seamless and immersive experience for Emaar's customers. The tours were easy to navigate and allowed users to explore the properties in detail, from the comfort of their own homes.

Overall, the partnership with Virtualeyes was a success for Emaar. The virtual tours created by Virtualeyes helped Emaar showcase their properties in a new and innovative way, and helped them reach a wider audience of potential customers. It was a win-win for both Emaar and Virtualeyes, and a testament to the power of virtual tours as a marketing tool.


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