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Detailing Differences: A Deep Dive into Real See and Matterport 3D Tour Technologies


In the realm of virtual tours, two prominent technologies stand out: Real See and Matterport. Both platforms offer unique capabilities that have significantly impacted the real estate, architecture, and tourism sectors, among others. This blog post provides an in-depth comparison of Real See and Matterport, focusing specifically on the technological aspects that influence the quality and immersion of their virtual tours.


Technological Foundations of Real See and Matterport

1. Imaging and Scanning Technology:

   - Matterport uses a combination of 3D infrared scanning and high-quality photographic capture to create detailed and textured three-dimensional models of spaces. This technology excels in providing a realistic feel to the interiors and is particularly effective in capturing true-to-life colors and textures.

   - Real See, on the other hand, may rely on more advanced laser scanning technologies, which are excellent for capturing precise architectural details. This can result in a higher degree of accuracy in the representation of space, making it ideal for applications requiring meticulous detail such as in heritage conservation or complex architectural projects.


2. Software and Processing:

   - Matterport’s software is highly user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with various digital platforms. It offers tools that allow users to edit, annotate, and share their virtual tours effortlessly. The software also supports virtual reality headsets, providing an immersive experience without extensive customization.

   - Real See’s software might be tailored more towards users who require customization and control over their virtual environments. It potentially offers advanced features that can manipulate the raw data captured to better suit professional needs, like virtual staging in real estate or detailed architectural reviews.


Impact on Quality and Immersion

- Quality of Visualization:

  - Matterport’s strength lies in creating visually appealing, accurate 3D models quickly and efficiently. The visual quality is generally high, with good resolution and realistic lighting effects.

  - Real See could provide superior precision in structural and dimensional aspects, appealing to professionals who need an exact digital twin of a space for technical assessments or detailed planning.


- Immersion Level:

  - Matterport offers an immersive experience that is easily accessible on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and VR headsets. Its interface encourages exploration and interaction, which can be crucial for sectors like real estate, where user engagement translates directly into sales interest.

  - Real See may focus on delivering a deeply immersive experience that leverages the full capabilities of high-end VR headsets, thus providing a more 'present' feel but requiring more sophisticated hardware and potentially limiting the audience.


Potential Applications

- Matterport is well-suited for real estate listings, hospitality industry tours, and any application where the aesthetic quality of the space is important to convey online.

- Real See might be the go-to option for industries that require accurate representations for detailed analysis or where the integrity of the physical space must be maintained virtually, such as in architecture, construction, and historical documentation.



Choosing between Real See and Matterport depends largely on the specific needs and goals of the project at hand. Matterport excels in general marketing and commercial applications where ease of use and visual appeal are paramount. In contrast, Real See could be better suited for technical fields and applications where precision and the ability to customize and manipulate environments are required.


Call to Action

If you are planning to implement a virtual tour and are uncertain about which technology to choose, contact our team for a consultation. We can help you assess your needs and select the technology that best fits your objectives, ensuring that your virtual tours achieve the desired impact.


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